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GRAHAM's First Flagship Store is now opened in Hong Kong!

GRAHAM is proud to announce the opening of its first flagship store in the world in July 2014. The store is actually the first brick of a new strategy to promote and build the brand worldwide. Beyond offering a contemporary and comfortable atmosphere, visitors can also experience brightness and simplicity that contrasts sharply with the exquisite refinement and technical complexity of GRAHAM’s timepieces.

GRAHAM’s strategy is to create no less than five flagships stores in the USA, UK, the UAE and China by 2018. Mr. Eric Loth, GRAHAM CEO said “We chose Hong Kong for its unique position as one of the most important cities in the world. Hong Kong is a prominent shopping destination for Asian people in general. It is also much sought after by wealthy Europeans and Americans. Indeed, our first sale was to a European collector.”

The choice of location is quite fascinating in itself. Walking around Central scouting for a store, Eric Loth came across a location sitting opposite a small lane named Graham Street. He saw it as an omen and settled on this location for the first GRAHAM flagship store there and then!


Inside the store, white and silver colored walls contrast with a mix of 50’s and 60’s furniture and design elements, inspired by UFOs and prominent contemporary artists. The timepieces are presented in elegant and simple wall mounted showcases giving an airy and almost atmospherical quality to their display. This is further enhanced by the bright and simple lighting that permeates throughout the store.


In a special area dedicated to supremely technical timepieces, a giant portrait of George Graham greets visitors, a reminder of the brand’s prestigious origin.


Eric Loth says, “Leading Graham’s redeployment since 1995, I wanted to put my own values in this flagship. Besides the fame and importance of George Graham, I also wanted to add the sources of my own inspiration over the last 20 years. If you look back to all our collections, you will see a blend of elegance, strong character, high technical content, new materials and colors. GRAHAM watches are simply different and unique, much like this store.


GRAHAM First Flagship Store Information

Address: G/F, 56-58 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2772 2231