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The very real benefit of a Martin Baker ejection seat

Very soon Steve will be able to have his unique MBI serviced in Perth!


Narrative - Steve and a second pilot were departing RAAF Base East Sale on a routine high-low navigation training sortie as part of his Flying Instructor Course when the engine failed at approximately 3000FT and 3NM from the base. With minimal altitude to work with, Steve and the second pilot struggled to return the jet to the base for a forced landing. A subsequent malfunction made a landing on the runway impossible, and Steve and the second pilot were forced to eject at just under 300FT. Both survived the low altitude ejection and Steve suffered some severe spinal injuries. Fortunately, Steve recovered and was returned to flying status in just over 8 months. Steve says, "The Martin Baker ejection seats saved our lives, and for that we are both eternally grateful." Steve currently lives in Perth Australia and serves as an Instructor pilot in the Pilatus PC9/A at No 2 Flying Training School. He has over 2500 hours total including operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan flying the C130J Super Hercules. When not flying, Steve also enjoys photography and racing cars and bikes. Bremont are honored that Steve chooses to wear the Bremont MB1.