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The Independent Collective

Born from our passion for the unconventional, we specialise in some of the worlds most intriguing Independent watch & design centric brands. The Independent Collective is an online concept store , a space for you to immerse yourself in our world. Founded in late 2018 by Nicholas Hooper, a self confessed watch nerd, The Independent Collective is an expression of his passion for watches and the industry which he has called home for more than 15 years. Our brands are curated by industry leaders across 3 continents all with their own influence on collections.


You will find independent brands from across the globe, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, France, Asia and further, we scour the world for brands that tick our boxes, we hope they tick yours too.



Truth and Magic

Creative Agency & Luxury Consultancy

Truth and Magic is its name and it exists to do beautiful and beguiling commercial creativity for boutique, luxury and premium brands.

Studio Divine

A Swiss Multi-Disciplinary Design agency established in 2005, specialized in the watch industry.


Fund & Wealth Management Platform, B2B Platform

Swiss-Asia providees the unique service of dedicated incubation space in its Singapore or Hong Kong headquarters. Swiss-Asia has extensive experience and network across Asia and makes that available to its partners.



Kobo Design

Brand Designers & Consultants

Kobo Design has helped us design every aspect of our business since the beginning. It is for this same reason that they are truly valued by MAD & Associates.